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Men and Balls

Men like to talk about their balls a lot, especially to other men. I have no idea why.

Just spoke to a co-worker about when a new product was slated for release, because I wanted it before the end of the week, and he said---after a long, rambling pause---that it might be in by Friday.

I asked him if he was serious or kidding with me, and he replied that no, he wasn't kidding; it was from the bottom of his balls. Told him I'd cut them off---he responded that no, I would suck them off.



The Six Million Dollar Man

I've just received and processed the credit card draft of someone that has so many loyalty reward points, he must have spent at least six-point-six million-dollars to accumulate them.

. . . I hope it's at least a corporate card.
Sigh. The cute skinny guy on whom I've made a horrible impression because I was being obnoxious the few times he was around is in the office today. He's got his sleeves rolled up, no tie and glasses today, and I'm just left feeling. . . sigh-ish.

In other news. . . there is none.

the John Sheppard car

I'm on the bus to work, and this sleek, very dark gray car pulls up next to me. It's a Subaru Legacy 2.5GT, all subtle and sleek while still having the appropriate vents and bits that say, "You do not want to mess with me." I firmly believe that if John Sheppard were a car, this is what he would be.

Oh, and it had a registeration plate beginning with SGA, too.

Exodus '07-'08

I have abandoment issues. So with all this talk of moving away from LiveJournal, I feel a bit lost, like I might one day log in and find nobody there, and a whole mess of forwarding addresses instead of one other place where everyone's at.

It's all a little unsettleling.

Rocking a new phone

I've got yet another new phone---this time it comes with a QWERTY keyboard and WiFi in addition to UTMS 3G and the usual works. I shall try to post more, now that I've this, but I think y'all should know better than to hold your breath by now. Right?

tactical error

Bad move---you got into the office before anyone else, and instead of quietly waiting for the others to come in so they can see it for themselves, you called one of them to brag. And she turns out to be out having lunch with the "boss". And now they know you only really got in at noon.




Dear Self,

As much as you'd like to keep yourself as up-to-date as possible about any news regarding Gilmore Girls just in case the world rights itself again and ASP comes back to the CW and GG runs for ever and ever, leaving a Google widget on iGoogle that filters in any news article with the phrase 'Gilmore Girls' isn't a good idea, since all you will end up with is disappointment and being spoiled for an episode that isn't even ready yet, let alone watched.

Wow. Long sentence.

Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor

My buzz is wearing off.

Thirty minutes ago, I was at a club, with friends, and slightly drunk. For no reason, I came out to another person, who took it well, then we all parted ways for the night.

I've to be at work in less than ten hours. I don't feel like working, even though it was once a passion of mine. I'm not sure if it's because I'll need to be (temporarily) replaced soon, or that it's not making me the money I thought it would, or if it's more work than I'd expected, or if it's a different kind of work than I'd expected.

I saw my psychiatrist again today. I've my dosages and medication got changed again. I don't think it's working.

I'm starting to feel depressed that I'm single, which isn't me. And I'm definitely feeling depressed that I'm probably going to turn twenty-one single.

Gilmore Girls is ending, Veronica Mars might end, Stargate: Atlantis might be headed in a different direction. It shouldn't matter, it seems shallow and superfical, but for years television has been my refuge, my escape. Music only does so much, and films only last that long. Television is a literal alternate universe that, for a few hours, could make me feel like there was hope.

My name isn't Elizabeth, but my life is shit and piss.